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Biotic City 1.0

Biotic City
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Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

Android 4.1 and up


Description of Biotic City 1.0

In this realistic life simulator, you will become the creator of your own world, building houses, establishments and creating people who will live in your cities. In detail you study the interior of each sims house, furnishing it with furniture to your taste! But the most important thing is the creation of people. Choose for your characters appearance, age, character traits, mindset, the desire for a particular profession and much more! In this game you are the creator who is responsible for the creation and life of the whole world!

✅ Create your own unique characters!

You can create people to you’re the sims liking! Choose their names, age, gender, race, eye color, physique, type of face, hairstyles and much more! Also, you can choose a basic set of character traits that will affect their interaction with other characters and a lifestyle. Over time, your characters will receive life experience and will be able to discover new moral qualities!

✅ Build the house of your dreams!

Build a home for your characters, not limiting yourself in anything! Only you decide what will be your house - large or compact, modern or sims free play classic, luxurious or modest. Equip the house with all kinds of furniture to your taste, as well as a variety of entertainment such as a pool or game console. Make sure that people live in your house as comfortably as possible!

✅ Manage the life of your characters!

Help your people go through the life path that they dream about! You have to control absolutely all spheres of their life. Each hero has scales of hunger, fatigue, emotions, natural needs and satisfaction with life. To maintain all these scales at the proper level without your help, the characters can not, so you will need to guide them to eat, chat with friends, go to sleep or take a bath. If all these actions are not fulfilled, your people's health will deteriorate, which can lead to very undesirable consequences. Help your wards to enjoy life!

✅ Career mode!

Help your heroes get the work of their dreams! Develop their professional qualities, send them to a job search and choose the option that your soul most of all has a soul for! But arranging it for work is only half the battle. You still have to do his job assignments! Help your people reach the top of the career ladder!

✅ Create families!

The relationship between the characters is also quite an important aspect of the game. Choosing the right response replicas and interacting with the opposite sex, your characters can make a friendship that can grow into love. Your loving couple can then be born children, which will make the gameplay for the family even more fun!

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