BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight

BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight 2.12

BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight
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Description of BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight 2.12

BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW Calculator Tracking your journey to your healthy body weight.
The app calculates other reference measures like bodysurface area (BSA), lean body weight (LBW) and ideal body weight (IBW).
•Supporting metric and imperial system (push Menue Button, select Settings)
•Display of healthy weight range according to WHO or DGE
•For adults, men and women
•Real time BMI value
•Easy user input
•Colored results
•Memory function for earlier entries
•Available in Englisch, German, Czech and Romanian
This app is going to calculate the main numbers for monitoring your body weight. It will help you to assess your current body weight based on your height, calculated as your body mass index BMI. The BMI serves as a reference point; while the BMI classification does not include age and gender, these parameters can be taken into accordance as the German Nutrition Society DGE does.
The body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet-Kaup index is a measure for the assessment of a person's body weight in relation to its body size. It was developed in 1870 by Adolphe Quetelet.
The BMI is body weight (physically correct: body mass) on the body surface, which is approximately calculated from the square of height. The BMI is only a rough estimate, because it neither stature nor the individual and gender composition included body mass from fat and muscle tissue of a human being.
Values ​​of normal weight are according to the WHO classification of obesity between 18.5 kg/m² and 24.99 kg/m², as a body mass index of 30 kg/m² are therefore overweight people require treatment.
Weight classes, depending on body mass index:
CategoryBMI (kg/m²)
Very severely underweight: < 16
Severely underweight:16 - 17
Underweight:17 - 18,5
Normal (healthy weight:18,5 - 25
Overweight:25 - 30
Obese class I:30 - 35
Obese class II:35 - 40
Obese class III:> 40
Age and gender play in the interpretation of BMI is an important role. Men generally have a higher percentage of muscle mass to total body mass of women. Therefore, the lower and upper limits of the classes of BMI values ​​for men are slightly higher than in women. Thus, the normal-weight men, according to DGE is in the interval from 20 to 25 kg/m², while it is in women in the interval 19 to 24 kg/m².
The body surface area (BSA) is the outer surface of the body covered with skin.
Knowledge of the body surface of a human being for the dosage of certain drugs (such as cytotoxic drugs and other drugs used in oncology), and for the assessment of skin lesions (burns) is important.
Based on empirical data for estimating formulas were the basis of body surface area derived from body weight and body size (Mosteller Formula).
The lean body mass (lean body weight) is body weight minus fat weight. Of the total weight of the weight is taken off of body fat. The fat-free mass is the most important determinant of the resting energy expenditure (BMR). According to Taylor (1974) show 98.6% of the world population has a value between LBW 31.5 to 58.5%, respectively.
The Ideal body weight is the weight which is dependent on their sex, age and size, in the middle of the normal weight range of BMI.
This app is not a substitute for talking to your doctor about weight-related health concerns. This test is meant for adult use. It is not accurate for children and teens.
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