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Android 4.0 and up


Description of GST CALCULATOR - INDIA 1.2

We are Angel NX and we are solving business problem by Making of Innovative Applications (App) for Regular Usage and Business Purpose. Now We Launch GST Calculator for India’s New Tax rate System by Just One Click.

GST CALCULATOR Applications (App) gives you all functionality of CITIZEN CALCULATOR with additional functionality including GST buttons of +3%, +5%, +12%, +18%, +28%and -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28%with just one Single Click for India. You can easily Calculate GST Tax Rate for your tax by using just single click Button by GST Calc.
GST CALCULATOR Calculate CGST, SGST and IGST, Include GST, Exclude GST with Single Click for Indian gst tax calculation System as per government of India.

GST Citizen Calculator one of the best calculator with many features same as Citizen Calculator. Calculate like Citizen Calculator and many other calculators. GST Calculator India holds many features for simple calculation like (+) Addition, (-) Subtraction, (*) Multiplication, (/) Divide and (%) Percentage. You can use GST calculator as a financial calculator also has features to calculate Grand Total of any value with GT.

Additional GST Calculator features like GT, M+, M-, MR, MU (Mark Up) which are used to get profit ratio when you want to give discounts on your products. GST Calculator India gives your some options of scientific calculator also.

GST Calculator App Key Features:-

* GST rate Calculator
* Calculate Include GST
* Calculate Exclude GST
* Calculate CGST, SGST and IGST
* All formula and Calculations like Citizen Calculator and Many Other Calculator.
* Citizen Calculator’s Best feature buttons like CORRECT, CHECK MU, M+, M-, GT, MRCetc..
* You can turn ON/OFF vibration and Volume from settings Menu.
* Its free for all Android Devices.

GST Calculator APP is very useful for Financial Calculator, Business Calculator, Office Calculator, Tax Calculator, GSTCalculator, Shop Calculator, MSME Calculator, MU Calculator, Tax plus Calculator, Student Calculator, Etc…

Any suggestions from user are welcomed. If you like our application please Rate our App GST calculator and Share with you Group.

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